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Make sure you have your child scheduled for their six month checkup.

Children Beed to a See an Orthodontist by Age 7

October is National Orthodontic Health Month.

Primitive Orthodontics...

Don’t try straightening your teeth at home...

What Does it Take to Become an Orthodontist?

When choosing an orthodontist, do your homework...


Many athletes don’t fully appreciate the importance of mouthguards as part of their sports kit.

Nobody Wants to Kiss an Ugly Mouth

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

Orthodontics is More Than Just How Fast Crooked Teeth Can Be Straightened.

Taking care of your teeth now alleviates problems in the future...

Removing a Common Myth About Our First President

Taking care of your teeth now alleviates problems in the future...

Why choose Dr. Brad Edgren

Well, if you are looking for an experienced orthodontist in the Greeley area, you won’t find a more worthy candidate. Brad Edgren has nearly two decades of experience and has been an active member on the American Board of Orthodontics. Aside from being a certified and active member of major orthodontic associations, Dr. Brad Edgren has written many different published articles and studies on orthodontia seen in dental journals, such as the AJODO, Orthodontic Practice US, The American Journal Of Dentistry, and so much more.