Your Smile Matters

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Dr. Edgren is Northern Colorado’s internationally recognized, board certified orthodontist. This is one of the reasons why many of our patients drive hours to Greeley to receive the quality, individualized treatment Dr. Edgren is known for.

Because Your Smile Matters

“We would not trust our smiles to anyone else!”

Dr. Edgren prides himself in his philosophy of designing his orthodontic treatment around the total face; rather than the narrower objective of treating just the teeth and/or just the occlusion (bite). He focuses on customizing the orthodontic and dentofacial treatment plan to each individual that enters his office.

“As a previous patient of Dr. Edgren’s; I am very pleased with having my family treated here! I am so impressed with Dr. Brad’s ability to correct major jaw disorders and would highly recommend him and his staff to everyone!” – M.S.

Meet Dr. Edgren

All Orthodontic Appliances Are Placed By Dr. Edgren, Guaranteeing The Precision And Quality Of Care.


Dr. Edgren is a renowned orthodontist for his quality care in Northern Colorado and beyond. Dr. Edgren believes that every detail counts. He is an analytical thinker who enjoys the diagnostic process and treatment behind orthodontics. Dr. Edgren wants to look at a patient’s smile years later and say “I did that”. Your orthodontic result is just as important to him as it is to you.

Our patient-focused approach and mission are designed to deliver the best orthodontic care, period. Dr. Edgren treats each patient at every appointment. The quality of care begins with Dr. Edgren performing the initial exam, taking complete diagnostic records, and continues on with him personally reviewing the orthodontic diagnosis and treatment plan with the parent and/or patient. All orthodontic appliances are placed by Dr. Edgren, guaranteeing the precision and quality of care you expect from a recognized orthodontist. Nowhere else can you find this type of individualized orthodontic treatment. His attention to detail is just one reason why patients travel hours to receive this level of care from their orthodontist.

In addition, Dr. Edgren takes pride in the fact that he is not just attending continuing education courses to better serve his patients, but is actually teaching these courses and authoring continuing education articles that other orthodontic practitioners are attending and reading. So, whether you are looking to get that perfect smile, or to alleviate jaw pain, turn to the best orthodontist, turn to Dr. Brad Edgren.


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