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There are essentially two basic types of braces or “brackets”, metal and clear. Stainless steel brackets (metal) are the most popular bracket design. Today, they are much smaller and less visible than ever before. These brackets are very efficient and move your orthodontic treatment along quickly.
Our FLI® Signature Clear brackets from Rocky Mountain Orthodontics have unmatched aesthetics for a true, natural appearance. These brackets are made from a polycrystalline ceramic which has a superior fracture strength compared to similar, earlier designed ceramic brackets. These brackets are completely transparent for a nearly invisible orthodontic experience.
Despite numerous claims that some brackets move teeth better, faster, or give higher-quality results, nearly all claims to be “clinically proven” are unsubstantiated. What’s more important than a bracket’s design is proper bracket placement. Improper placement can result in permanent damage to the teeth and less than desirable results. Furthermore, rushed orthodontic treatment can lead to tooth damage and possible loss.
In our office, all orthodontic appliances, including the brackets are placed by the orthodontist, guaranteeing consistency and quality of the patients final orthodontic outcome.