Orthognathic jaw surgery corrects skeletal abnormalities and asymmetries of the upper and lower jaws when orthodontic treatment (braces) alone is not enough. These asymmetries and abnormalities of the jaws often cause difficulty in the normal routine functions of eating and talking. Orthodontics combined with jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery) corrects these problems of function while enhancing facial esthetics.

Orthodontic treatment (braces) and jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery) is a combined approach designed to correct malocclusions (bad bite) and significant jaw discrepancies that can’t be corrected with traditional orthodontics alone.

In our office we use 3-dimensional imaging combined with computerized treatment diagnostics to design an individualized treatment plan to address your specific orthodontic problems.

Why choose Dr. Brad Edgren

Well, if you are looking for an experienced orthodontist in the Greeley area, you won’t find a more worthy candidate. Brad Edgren has nearly two decades of experience and has been an active member on the American Board of Orthodontics. Aside from being a certified and active member of major orthodontic associations, Dr. Brad Edgren has written many different published articles and studies on orthodontia seen in dental journals, such as the AJODO, Orthodontic Practice US, The American Journal Of Dentistry, and so much more.