Clear aligners

Orthocaps® is an aligner system offered by your doctor to provide gentle, fast and a less conspicuous way of straightening your teeth.
The system uses low forces and softer plastics to move teeth efficiently. Unlike braces, there is no metal or wire. Orthocaps® gives you a 100% aesthetic appearance, so you’ll have more to smile about.


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The Intelligent Aligner Technology

Designed for a perfect fit, engineered for transparency. Orthocaps® delivers a nearly invisible look that is highly effective, painless and designed for everyday use.

  • Teeth straightening
  • No metal or wires
  • Removable during treatment
  • No restrictions when eating
  • Natural pronunciation without impairment
  • Easy care
  • Clear, practically invisible
  • Comfortable, dual-component thermoplastic material
You Sleep, WE WORK

As an Orthocaps® patient, you’ll receive two sets of aligner trays – one for use during the day and one for use during the night. Each tray has different physical characteristics and with different purposes. The day tray is designed for great looks and comfort, while the night tray provides stronger correction.

Hard on the Outside, Soft on the Inside

Compared to other aligner systems, Orthocaps® has a distinctive feel. A firm outer layer delivers strength and force levels with a soft inner layer that grips the teeth, comfortably. The two materials work together, making treatment more efficient and movement more rapid.