Best Of Greeley Article Goes Viral Around The World!

Nothing Scary About This…

An article I wrote on “special” brackets from the December 2016 BOG has literally gone viral with renowned and respected orthodontists all over the world during the past couple of weeks. The article has reached countries as far away as Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Turkey, Algeria, Portugal, Ecuador, Lithuania, Libya, Venezuela, Vietnam, France, and South East Asia to name a few.

All of these orthodontists agreed with my stance that it is not the style of the bracket that treats the patient, but the orthodontist. No one asks the surgeon to use a “special” scalpel or speed through the surgery, they just request that he/she does the surgery well. The same goes for orthodontics. Marketing hype about a style of bracket treating better or faster is just that, Hype! Special brackets can’t diagnosis malocclusions (bad bites), impacted teeth, cysts, missing teeth, underbites, overbites nor do they tell the orthodontist how to treat these or many other dental problems. Consequently, since “special” brackets can’t diagnose malocclusions then it is illogical to believe that these brackets can treat better or faster.

Malocclusions are not just a variation of normal, they are a disorder of the proper function of the teeth and mouth. That is why they are called “bad bites”. A disease is defined as “a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury”. Diabetes is a variation of normal blood sugars which has devastating effects upon the body. But, do you think that the doctors or the patients suffering from this disease believe it’s just a variation of normal? We all realize that the drug companies, when they advertise their drugs to treat certain disease processes, are trying to sell just that, their “special” drugs. But we should all realize that without a great doctor, the “special” drugs mean nothing.

Some malocclusions are more straight forward and consequently treat out more efficiently. Others can be severely handicapping to the point that certain individuals cannot even eat properly and take extended time to treat. But do you think that is just a variation of normal? The inability to eat properly can lead to gastrointestinal problems that can have life long effects upon the body. Other problems associated with malocclusions can affect breathing leading to sleep apnea.

Just like these other renowned orthodontists have agreed with my article from December of 2016, don’t buy into the hype. October is Orthodontic Health Month; seek a qualified, board certified orthodontist by the American Board of Orthodontics for treatment. Qualified orthodontists are not going to sell you orthodontic treatment on “just” bracket design or “office contests” for that matter; it’s illogical.

Bradford N. Edgren DDS, MS, FACD, Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics, 3400 W. 16th St. Bldg 4-V, Greeley.